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Do you want to live in Colombia with a visa and an immigration card?

May 20 the 2021

Our business model has a goal: to process the M-type partner-owner visa, for which foreigners must make a demonstrable investment, the good part of this is that with our experience we will make this investment to generate a real return and on the other hand we are going to comply with the legal requirement by the Colombian government visa process for up to 3 years.

Invest with us and get up to 15% profitability PLUS your 3-year partner-owner visa!

Legal requirements VISA TYPE M - Partner / Owner

  • The foreign partner or owner of a commercial company may apply for an amount not less than one hundred (100) current legal monthly minimum wages.
  • The type “M” visa will be valid for three years.

Specific requirements

  • Letter of request with the company’s name, address and Tax Identification Number (NIT) of the commercial company incorporated or the one you invest in, are reported with precision.
  • Certificate of shareholding composition signed by a public accountant, indicating the amount of capital or registered and paid assets owned by the foreign applicant for the visa, which may not be less than the equivalent of one hundred (100) current legal monthly minimum wages, in the case of joint-stock companies.
  • The visa authority may require the presentation of the original company contract, incorporation document or financial information of the company when the documentation provided is insufficient, presents inconsistencies or requires clarification.


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