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Why live in MEDELLÍN?

May 14 the 2021

Medellín, always recognized as the "city of eternal spring", is a good option to park and live from small anecdotes to great experiences. Our city is located within the five most modern cities in Latin America and we have many favorable aspects even in times of crisis: good management of the economy, public management, governance, concern for the environment, variety of transportation (which facilitates and favors mobility), among others.

Over the years, we “los paisas” have made Colombia a coffee-growing power with a purpose: "land has to be bought, because no more land is made." The Colombian political ups and downs are not so strong as to foresee a drastic change in the rules of the game but rather an accommodation to the realities of the international economy.

An example of this is the devaluation of the Colombian peso, which improves the prices in dollars of Colombian properties, with an advantage for investors: at least for now, nothing allows us to assert that this will change in the short or medium term. This reality makes the crisis the perfect time to close deals that allow foreigners to improve their purchasing position.

Beyond the business or the crisis, Medellín is a city with a projection of success, whose urban planning has deserved recognition from other cities and in which its inhabitants are in charge of making their visitors feel welcome. Come and enjoy the gastronomy and climate of our city and let us make part of your stay. You're welcome!...

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