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HOME & VISAS, provides the property maintenance service, both for those properties that are agency for lease and sale, as well as those that require maintenance on behalf of the owner.

In this service, the agency supplies:

  • Responsible staff.
  • Timely and quality service.
  • Security in the administration of materials and necessary elements.
  • Prices adjusted to market costs.
  • Respect and good care of the goods received for maintenance.

In recent years the kitchen has become very important as it has become the heart of the home; where the family shares more time; That is why it is essential that its design be sophisticated, comfortable and welcoming.

For this year, trends indicate that kitchens should be fully integrated; a cosmopolitan and very modern style; Open Spaces that make the most of spaces, filling them with light and being super practical.

When designing a kitchen we must keep in mind the activities that we will carry out in them, where to wash food, where to prepare them, etc; the main one would be the washing of the food and from there the process begins, and based on that, 5 types of kitchen distributions are broken down and here the design of the kitchen of your dreams begins.

- Kitchen in "U"

- Kitchen in "L"

- Linear Kitchen

- Kitchen in Parallel

- Kitchen in Isla

Nowadays; the choice of Interior Floors has become a decision of great importance; since it gives your Real Estate personality and is part of the essence of your home. It is always advisable to receive the assistance of specialists; to obtain excellent results at a good price.

There are an infinity of types of floors in the market, with Classic, Modern designs; of Clear, Dark colors; Ceramics, Porcelain, Wood, Laminates, PVC, etc; Depending on the area to be remodeled in your home, it will be the recommendation given. For example, for Social Areas, where it is desired to give a greater impact, it is recommended to use Wood, Laminate or PVC Floors; in Kitchens and Bathrooms it is advisable to use tiles, and for the rooms according to the experience with our customers, cheaper floors can be placed without forgetting the quality.

It is important to remember that all these proposals go hand in hand with the wishes of the client to obtain an amazing result.

Usually when we think about doing remodeling in our home the last place we think is in the Bathrooms; but we must have in mind that any reform that we make, we will make our property revalue; Additionally the bathroom is a place where we can have a moment of relaxation, relaxation, where we connect with our bodies, so they must be spaces that promote the well-being and health of the inhabitants of our home. The reform of a bathroom is not simple so it is advisable to go with professionals who assure you a good result taking into account Costs / Quality

Today there is a wide variety of showers, bathtubs with hydromassages; Accessories (sinks and faucets) and ornaments that will make you feel like you have your own spa. Make your bathroom a place of retreat, where to take a shower, relieve your daily stress


The use of the Drywall system has revolutionized the world of construction, for its economy and the benefits it offers; can be used in the execution of walls, roofing and internal partitions, can be used in all kinds of projects, residential, commercial, industrial and institutional, whether in new works, renovations or extensions, you can do everything prefabricated house in drywall.


Benefits of DryWall

- Resistance to fire, Drywall IS NOT FLAMMABLE

- It has acoustic and thermal insulation, making each room maintain its temperature.

- It is asismatic, being mounted on a metal structure offers greater security than traditional systems.

- There are DryWall resistant to moisture, recommended for bathrooms, kitchens, cleaning rooms, etc.

- It is easy and fast installation, reducing costs by 35% compared to traditional construction

- It is light, a DryWall plate facilitating its transport.

- It is a very resistant and durable system.

- It is more economical, produces little waste, representing a great saving

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