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Common requirements for all Colombian VISA applications

  • Provide a copy of the main page (biographical information) of the passport or travel document.
  • If you apply for your visa in Colombia, you must prove that you are in a regular migratory situation and must present the last stamp of entry. exit or safe conduct.
  • If you apply for your visa at a Colombian consulate, you must present a copy of the document proving your regular stay in that country.



Colombia Home and Visas, offers to the foreign clients, comprehensive services that make them feel at home, advising them in the process of visa processing to all migrants who wish to settle in Colombia, the chancellery will require you to process a visa that falls within the following categories:

Visitor VISA (Type V):

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs may grant a type V visa to a foreigner who wishes to visit the national territory once or several times, or temporarily stay there without establishing it. They are given to those who visit the national territory for leisure, tourism or cultural interest purposes or to carry out business negotiations, market studies, direct investment plans or procedures and constitution of commercial partnership, negotiation, holding of direct investment and constitution of commercial partnership, negotiation, conclusion of contracts or commercial representation.

This type of visa is recommended for:

  • People who are in academic exchanges.
  • People who attend a consultation, intervention or medical treatment.
  • People who participate in events in the capacity of lecturer, speaker, artist, athlete, jury, contestant or logistic personal.
  • People who visit the country for journalistic coverage or temporarily remain as press correspondent of foreign media.


This type V visa can only be applied for within the national territory, its validity will be maximum one year, it will not be able to be renewed but it could be extended.

However, it is also possible to grant a V-type visa valid for up to 2 years, based on the activity proposed by foreigners in Colombia.

Resident VISA (Type R):

this visa will be given to the foreigner who wishes to enter and / or remain in the Colombian territory to settle permanently.

This type of visa is recommended for:

  • People whose father or mother are Colombian, or have remained in the national territory in a continuous and uninterrupted manner for two years as the main holder of the visa type M.
  • People who have registered foreign investment directly to the department of international changes of the Bank of the republic, or directly to the dependence that they make their times.


The VISA (Type R) has an open work permit and allows the owner to do any activity that is licit in the national territory.

The validity period of the type R visa label will be five (5) years. At the request of its owner, this document may be renewed for equal periods, through the visa transfer procedure.


Migrant VISA (Type M):

  • The foreigner who wishes to enter and / or remain in the national territory with the intention of establishing, and does not comply the conditions to apply for type R visa may request type M.
  • This type of visa applies to:
  • People who are a spouse or permanent companion of a Colombian.
  • People who are the father or son of a Colombian by adoption.
  • People coming from one of the state’s parties to the Agreement on residence for nationals of the state’s parties like mercosur, bolivia and chiles (in addition, to be recognized as a refugee in Colombia).
  • They are also granted to religious, missionaries or religious in formation, of a church or religious confession, duly recognized by the State of Colombia.
  • Also, this permit will be given to students who are admitted or enrolled in elementary, secondary or high school, or a higher education undergraduate program in an educational institution in Colombia.
  • People who receives retirement or retirement periodically from a creditable legal source.


The foreigner who wants to apply for this permit of permanence in the country will have to have permanent employment in Colombia or long term, by virtue of a labor connection or contracting of services with natural or legal person domiciled in Colombia.

It is also requested that the foreigner have qualification or expertise to exercise a profession independently.

Type M visa will be valid for 3 years




Colombian VISA type M (Student): be admitted or enrolled in elementary, secondary or high school, or higher education program in undergraduate educational institution in Colombia.

Colombian VISA type M (Independent): to have qualification or expertise to practice independently, and the financial conditions provided in the chapter of requirements to do so.

Colombian VISA type M (Real Estate Investor): having registered direct foreign investment in Colombia for real estate in the minimum amounts established in the requirements chapter.

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